17 Nov 2018 11:50 AM +00:00 UTC

Doctor Who Star Christopher Eccleston Reveals Why He Sued BBC After Quitting Show

He may have only served as the Time Lord for one series yet Christopher Eccleston may have been scarred for life. The former Doctor Who star admits that he tried to sue BBC after his sudden departure from the show.

Eccleston recently spoke about his Doctor Who experience on Radio 2 (via Radio Times) where he revealed that the network went back against their word.

"I made an agreement that I would say nothing about my departure, and I honored that because I was looking after the production. And then the BBC issued a statement, they put a quote from me that they had written saying why I'd left, because I was tired, which any producer reading that [would think] ‘Well we won't give Chris Eccleston a job because he gets tired'."

The Thor: The Dark World actor continued by stating that he almost brought BBC to court.

"I threatened legal action and I got an apology printed in all the newspapers. The BBC had to make a statement apologizing for attributing quotes to me. Nobody will go on record as saying this but my agent said ‘You need to get out of town because you're not going to work'. I kept my word and they didn't keep their word, so I took them to court. Well, I didn't have to take them to court – I took them to a lawyers' office".

Eccleston is known for talking about his bad experiences on Doctor Who. The star of The Leftovers had previously confessed that he didn't get along with then-showrunner Russell T. Davies, stating that his relationship with his superior "broke down irreparably" during filming.

Doctor Who Series 11 is currently airing on BBC.

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