New Details Revealed for Kevin Smith's Hit-Girl Story

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Fans were fairly excited when Kevin Smith was announced as a future writer for Mark Millar's ongoing Hit-Girl comic, which was made to have multiple creative teams. Now, we finally have some concrete details on the arc Smith will be working on and the artist the Clerks director will be working with. It looks to be a fairly relevant story since the character will be taking on sexual predators from Hollywood.

Deadline reports that the arc Smith will be working on is called Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage of Hollywood. As mentioned earlier, the vigilante heroine will be targeting powerful people in Hollywood who have gotten away with sexual crimes. Given the way it's structured, this might be a mini-series instead of a continuation of the ongoing series though that might not be the case.

(Image Comics/Francesco Francavilla)


Smith claims that he wrote most of the arc while recovering from his heart attack. Artist Pernille Orum will be illustrating Smith's script and he has praised the hell out of her so that's good. The comic's cover is done by the fairly talented Francesco Francavilla, who has drawn a lot of great pulp stories.

Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage of Hollywood will be released in January 2019, so it will take a while before the series hits shelves. Fans can check up on the previous Hit-Girl comics by picking up graphic novels or purchasing them on Comixology.

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