New DCU Art Transforms Potential Young Superman Actor For New Slate

Following Henry Cavill’s unfortunate Man of Steel exit, James Gunn previously teased that his reboot for the new DC slate won’t need the former DC Superman, and for good reason. One of those reasons is, apart from completely starting from scratch in building the new DC Universe, Gunn’s vision for his new Man of Steel actor should be aged around 25 years old, which obviously doesn’t fit Henry Cavill.

Now, Superman: Legacy is set to feature a new actor which will follow a much younger Man of Steel and though Gunn keeps making fans guess the actor he has in mind for the role, some DC fans took it upon themselves to list a couple of 20-something actors that could potentially take the role.

Some of the 20-something actors include Jacob Elordi from Euphoria and The Kissing Booth, as well as David Corenswet from Pearl. However, a new artist took to Instagram their second option on who could take the role. On Instagram, @bobby_art made a photoshop of unknown actor Wolfgang Novogratz (who played a part in The Half Of It) sporting the iconic Superman Max Fleischer getup! Check out the art below:

The artist admits that if David Corenswet doesn’t get the role, Novogratz would have to be his second pick. Seeing the actor in the suit does feel like an actual poster waiting to happen for the new DCU slate. However, as of now, Gunn has yet to reveal who's the frontrunner for Superman: Legacy’s titular hero.

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Though it is also important to note that the DC Studios boss revealed he plans on casting the same live-action actors to be the voice actors in the animated mediums in the new DC slate, which already indicates he has casted a few in advance. Any takes on who James Gunn might be eyeing on for the role?

Superman: Legacy is currently slated for release on July 11, 2025.

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