24 Aug 2021 1:28 PM +00:00 UTC

New Cowboy Bebop Photo Focuses on Ein the Space Corgi

There is little doubt that fans were thrilled when the first photos from Cowboy Bebop were revealed. After all, the images offered our first look at John Cho as Spike Spiegel as well as the sweet corgi who will portray Ein in the live-action series adaptation. However, many fans were quick to point out that the space canine deserved his own solo picture. Luckily, Netflix has dropped an awesome photo showing Ein in all his glory.

The first photos from Cowboy Bebop featured Cho as well as Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine and Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black. One of the images shows the trio along with Ein, who only appears in one corner of the picture.

It's a cool photo but many fans believed that Ein deserves to get his own solo picture. Amazingly, Netflix has heard the complaints and dropped a huge behind-the-scenes photo of Ein. Check it out below.

At this point, many are convinced that the Pembroke Welsh corgi will be the true scene-stealer in Cowboy Bebop. Needless to say, we can't wait to see Ein in action this November.

The official synopsis for Cowboy Bebop reads as follows:

"Cowboy Bebop is an action-packed space Western about three bounty hunters, aka 'cowboys', all trying to outrun the past. As different as they are deadly, Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) form a scrappy, snarky crew ready to hunt down the solar system's most dangerous criminals — for the right price. But they can only kick and quip their way out of so many scuffles before their pasts finally catch up with them."

Cowboy Bebop will premiere on Netflix on November 19, 2021.

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