Netflix's The Witcher Gets More Writers, Including One From Jessica Jones

We might not see it until 2020 but it looks like things are looking good for Netflix's The Witcher. Fans know that the first season will only be eight episodes but not much else since information on the video game adaptation is currently known. Still, fans will be happy to know that the series now has a writer's room.

Revealed by lead writer Lauren Hissrich on Twitter, we see some of the writers who will now be writing Geralt's live-action adventures. Though we don't know what they have planned for Geralt and his friends, Hissrich did point out that their sessions were filled with ideas, banter, cupcakes, and more.

Jenny Klein, who wrote some Jessica Jones episodes, posted about the meeting as well, confirming that she will be a part of the series' creative process. Jessica Jones is still a high-quality show on Netflix, so this can only mean good things for the video game adaptation.

For those unaware, the series will be based on CD Projekt Red's amazing trilogy of RPGs. The first two games are considered PC classics, while the third game, which came out on consoles, is considered as a true next-gen video game and is one of the highest rated titles out right now.

The Witcher has no release date, though it will likely be out by 2020.

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