Netflix's The Witcher Won't Be Released Before 2020

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The Witcher games are some of the best Western RPGs ever made, so knowing that a Netflix series is coming has caused many gamers to get excited. Unfortunately, there is no concrete release date for the series and thanks to a new report it seems like we will have to wait a long while before finally seeing it.

According to Polish website NaEkraine (via ComicBookMovie), Producer Erik Barmack has stated that the series won't be released before 2020 due to additional script polishing. It's a bit sad to hear that but at the same time, fans are probably grateful that the people behind the scenes are taking the source material seriously.

Screenwriter and producer Lauren S. Hissrich has finished writing the pilot episode and is visiting Poland to meet Andrzej Sapowski, who wrote the original Witcher books. On Twitter, she pointed out that more work will be done after visiting the area and talking with Sapowski.

Video game adaptations haven't always left a lasting impression, with Rampage currently the highest rated video game film on Rotten Tomatoes at 51%. That's pretty sad and we can only hope that The Witcher can help the video game medium transcend to other forms of entertainment.

Will we see The Witcher by 2020? Only time will tell.

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