Netflix’s Physical: 100 Sparks Controversies as Viewers Question Contestants’ Unbelievable Buff Bodies

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Physical: 100 has been a hot topic for its Squid Game-like challenges for the 100 contestants who are vying to win 300 million KRW.

Jang Ho Gi produced the original Netflix survival show to test 100 competitors' strength, agility, and strategy in different challenges. It is a tournament-like show that offers prize money to the sole survivor.

Although the series became a hit flick soon after its release on Jan. 24, it also garnered negative comments due to the contestants' "unbelievable" buff bodies.

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Physical: 100 Contestants Under Fire for Allegedly Using Steroids

Korea JoongAng Daily noted the recent controversies surrounding Physical: 100.

One, viewers sparked steroid use allegations among some contestants. They even suggested that the name of the show should be Roids: 100 instead.

"If the show's producers had actually done a proper steroid test on all the contestants before they started filming, they could have sorted out most of the current contestants," an anonymous user went on.

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Some fans defended the show and called out the steroids for being overdramatic. Unlike the usual sports contests, the Korea Anti-Doping Agency (KADA) is not related to the Netflix series in any way.

Still, using steroids to enhance one's physical performance in sports is prohibited under Korean law. As of press time, no official probe has been conducted to check the steroid use allegations.

Physical: 100 and Netflix are yet to address the first issue, but both parties also face another problem raised by fans.

Physical: 100 Accused of Displaying Violence

Aside from the steroid use, viewers also expressed their concerns as the series' episodes always show the contestants fighting and colliding with each other in the most graphic way.

The scene wherein MMA fighter Park Hyung Keun was seen pushing down and seemingly grabbing and crushing the chest of female bodybuilding coach, Chunri.

Viewers expressed their outrage as they accused Park Hyung Keun of being unnecessarily aggressive toward the contestant of the opposite sex. Although Chunri has since defended him and said that they did it in a professional way.

Physical: 100 season 2 has been confirmed despite the controversies.

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