Netflix's Locke and Key Officially Renewed for Season 2

Netflix has officially announced that Locke and Key Season 2 is a go, which should make viewers of this series very happy. Considering how this series has been in development hell for over a decade and has struggled to get into a lot of television stations, this feels like a big win after numerous losses. While the show takes a couple of liberties from the comics, this has been a pretty solid adaptation and we're excited to see what happens to the Locke Family.

On Twitter, the show's official account posted about how the next season would have more keys, demons, and "aloha." That's a cute reference and we can't wait to see what they have planned up their sleeve, though we imagine the production is going to take a while. You know, because of that darn virus causing mass hysteria and killing everyone. Thanks, COVID-19.

While it did stray away from the comics a bit and was, arguably, not as scary as it could have been, there were definitely glimpses of potential in the show. We're sure that the show is only going to get weirder and creepier, just like the comic books it's based on so here's hoping for a fun ride.

As of this writing, no release date for Locke and Key Season 2 has been announced. Fans who are curious and haven't seen it yet can stream Locke and Key Season 1 right now on Netflix.

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