Netflix's Live-Action Sandman Series Will be Set in 2021

Netflix's The Sandman is a live-action series fans have been waiting for literal years for. Many consider this comic book series to be one that transcended literature for a time, inspiring other comics to go further beyond when it comes to themes and storylines. After years of movies being announced then canceled, it's good to know that a quality live-action series could be coming out soon. While no release date for the series has been announced, Neil Gaiman has revealed that it will be set in 2021.

That's right, during an interview with Digital Spy, Gaiman revealed that The Sandman will be set in 2021, regardless of when it will actually come out. The series' production has been delayed due to COVID-19, like every other Hollywood production out there, but Gaiman did reveal a few other interesting tidbits. For example, despite the setting of 2021, Morpheus will still have been imprisoned since 1916.

"We're working with Netflix, we were meant to start shooting at the end of May. Given this COVID world, everything is on pause. The Netflix version is going to begin in 2021, so Morpheus will have been kept prisoner in the Netflix version for 105 years rather than 70 years."

It really is a shame that production had to be delayed but we do have that cool audio drama available. We're sure that the series will start shooting when things settle down again, whenever that will be, so here's hoping that a cure is found sooner or later. In the meantime, fans have time to check out all the graphic novels and that audio drama.

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Credit: DC Comics/Vertigo

The Sandman will be coming to Netflix but not anytime soon. It was probably going to come out next year but things changed.

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