Neil Gaiman Teases Good Omens Sequel with David Tennant and Michael Sheen

There is little doubt that the live-action series adaptation of Good Omens was an amazing show. However, it also adapted the entire book, leaving no other content for a possible second season. On the other hand, it looks like Neil Gaiman is opening the option for a sequel that will still feature David Tennant and Michael Sheen.

Gaiman, who co-wrote the novel with the late Terry Pratchett, recently spoke to Digital Spy about his current projects and a sequel to Good Omens was brought up in the conversation. Interestingly, the author teased that a second season isn't impossible.

"I think the probability is pretty good. It's not like anybody doesn't want to make more Good Omens. We just need to figure out how and when and all of the various ifs, and sort everything out. Plus, we're in COVID world right now where nobody even knows how to shoot big drama. There are problems that none of us quite know how to solve," Gaiman said.

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It's clear that Gaiman is interested but would Tennant and Sheen consider returning to play Crowley and Aziraphale?

"We'd all love to do it, so it's really just a matter of seeing if we can actually make that happen in the world, if we can make the time happen, if we can work it with everybody's schedule. I know I'm not the only person who wants to see more Crowley and Aziraphale," Gaiman stated.

We're loving his optimism and will be keeping our fingers crossed on this idea becoming a reality.

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