Netflix’s Joke About Facebook’s Data Breach Causes Major Backlash

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Netizens were alarmed when a New York Times investigation report revealed that Facebook had breached its users privacy by giving companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix access to their personal data.

Now, it looks like Netflix has responded to the report. Unfortunately, the response came in a manner that only made matters worse for both Facebook and the streaming service company.

Earlier this week, Netflix's Twitter account decided to post its response to the New York Times article claiming that Facebook had betrayed its users privacy by selling off its data to other companies. Instead of denying the allegation, Netflix decided to make a joke out of the matter at hand, telling its followers that "Netflix never asked for, or accessed, anyone's private messages. We're not the type to slide into your DMs."

Check out the tweet down here:

While it might seem like a witty response to the claims made by the New York Times, netizens weren't too happy with the way Netflix handled the affair. Privacy breaches aren't something to be taken lightly knowing that it affects the lives of so many different people around the globe. Netizens took to Twitter to confront Netflix. Some called out the site for its insensitivity, asking the site to stop talking like a teenager and take the matter seriously. Others told Netflix that its jokey response made them believe their denial a lot less. Others asked the streaming service company to produce the data access agreement they've had with Facebook.

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