Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Series Officially Begins Production and Introduces Ein

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Anime fans get ready since it looks like Netflix's Cowboy Bebop has officially begun production and they've introduced the show's best character; Ein. That's right, the adorable Corgi will be in this highly-anticipated adaptation, which is exactly what fans wanted since everyone would have rioted if Ein wasn't in the series. We also see the cast play with the adorable doggo as they also start reading the script and start production.

Revealed by the official Netflix Twitter account, Ein is much cuter than the anime version simply because nothing beats real dogs. Sure, Ein was pretty cute in the anime but everyone loves real dogs. Hopefully, they don't have the Corgi do anything too dangerous since animal rights activists and the internet, in general, will be pissed about that.

The video above is really cute since it shows everything from a first-person perspective, before revealing that this is all being taken from Ein's perspective. Seeing the cast excited to play with the dog is also really nice to see since it seems so genuine. Then again, you would have to be a heartless monster (or allergic to dogs) if you don't want to play with a Corgi.


Based on the popular anime series, fans are both excited and nervous about Netflix's Cowboy Bebop. While the casting is fine, there's no doubt that the anime it's based on is perfect and readily available for consumption. Hopefully, it lives up to our expectations.

Netflix's Cowboy Bebop doesn't have a proper release date yet.

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