Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Series Has Already Completed Three Episodes and Won't be Whitewashed

Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation is one of the most exciting shows coming to the platform and fans are hoping this is good, unlike the Death Note movie that came to the streaming service. So far, it seems like they've done a good job with listening to the fans and everyone is looking forward to seeing how this series is handled. John Cho's injury did delay production but fans will be happy to know that progress on this series has been made.

Marty Adelstein, one of the show's producers, recently spoke with SyFy about the series and addressed some of the concerns fans had, particularly with the whitewashing. Considering how Death Note and Ghost in the Shell were pretty whitewashed, it's easy to see why fans are so concerned about this adaptation. Adelstein told fans that there's nothing to worry about since we're getting a multiethnic cast and original series composer Yoko Kanno for music.

"So, we have finished three episodes [of Cowboy Bebop]. I think we're into [shooting] six; then John Cho tore his ACL, unfortunately. But I have to tell you I really like the show. It's really fun."
"We have gone out of our way, because of all these anime movies that have come out and been accused of being whitewashed, we have really gone out of our way. We have the original composer, Yoko Kanno, doing music. The characters are all sort of multiethnic, and it's a great cast. And the two episodes I have seen are so much fun. It's really fun."

It's good to see them address some of our concerns. At the end of the day, it will be the product's quality that matters so here's hoping they get some solid writers that will make the most out of the source material. The series doesn't have to be a shot-for-shot remake after all; they just need to capture the show's spirit.

No release date for Netflix's Cowboy Bebop has been revealed.

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