Netflix's Carmen Sandiego Trailer Asks All The Important Questions

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We've always thought that the most important question would be, "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" However, the first official trailer for the Netflix series based on the fictional character reveals that there is more to Carmen than we originally believed.

The Carmen Sandiego trailer opens with a guy asking Carmen, "How did you ever wind up in crime school?" She quickly responds, "You want the whole story?" and we are given a glimpse of her origin story. It is revealed that Carmen was enrolled in the V.I.L.E Academy for Thieves. However, she later decides that she isn't interested in stealing and makes it her mission to get back at criminals.

The video confirms an important part of the storyline through yet another question: "What if Carmen Sandiego were a thief who only steals from other thieves?" Needless to say, the series will provide an awesome story that could reveal why Carmen keeps traveling around the world in the first place.


Carmen Sandiego stars Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez as the titular character who refuses to part with her red coat because "a lady needs her tools." She is joined by Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard, who provides the voice of Carmen's sidekick Player.

The series also stars Michael Hawley, Kari Wahlgren, Michael Goldsmith, Sharon Muthu, Liam O'Brien, Rafael Petardi, Charlet Chung, and Abby Trott. There will be 20 episodes in the first season of the animated show.

Carmen Sandiego will premiere on Netflix on January 18.

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