Netflix to Make Animated Series Based on Roald Dahl’s Classic Books

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Netflix has had a hand in making some great animated titles including the likes of BoJack Horseman, Big Mouth, and F is for Family. Now they've announced a new animated series which will adapt several classic works of author Roald Dahl.

Here's the official announcement:

With Dahl's work mostly being adapted into live action films, I think the choice to go animated is actually more consistent with the books, seeing as to how kooky the stories can get. We don't know what kind of animation is going to be used for this series yet, but I think stop-motion could be a good choice; either that or CGI.


For now, the announcement has found a mixed reception from the audience. For one, a lot of these stories have already been adapted into (well-loved) films. I guess if Netflix really wants to set this show apart, they're going to have to bring the razzle-dazzle with the animation style.

Going back to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory though, there has been some news that a prequel movie is in the works which will follow the adventures of Willy Wonka before he gets the factory. No actor has been cast as Wonka yet, but it's been said that the top choices for the role are Donald Glover (Solo, Atlanta) and Ryan Gosling (La La Land).

A release date has yet to be announced for this Roald Dahl series, but it can be a good guess that Netflix is planning its premiere sometime next year.

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