20 Aug 2018 10:06 AM +00:00 UTC

Netflix Says Their Commercials Aren’t Commercials Because They Can Be Skipped

Netflix has been a fairly comfortable source of entertainment in recent years, thanks to plenty of original content and some outsourced ones. The streaming service has had something for pretty much everyone, with shows like Bojack Horseman, Voltron, Daredevil, and so much more. With that being said, Netflix has added something that most people won't enjoy; commercials.

According to CNN Money, the company has quietly added video promotions for their upcoming series' that will be coming to the service. These were first discovered by some Reddit users and it has lead to plenty of people getting frustrated with the company, though Netflix themselves have claimed that they are not commercials.

"We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster. It is important to note that a member is able to skip a video preview at anytime if they are not interested."

Many of these can already be seen on YouTube, so the commercials have been a bit annoying. Netflix has claimed that these aren't commercials and can be skipped if viewers aren't interested and might not even get released to the rest of the world. Then again, so can the ads on YouTube and people there are honest enough to call them advertisements or commercials.

While a bit frustrating, this isn't the worst thing Netflix can do and given the negative reaction, it probably won't affect everyone. Here is hoping that the company takes the criticism in a fairly constructive way.

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