Netflix is Down in the US and People are Panicking

In a time of lockdown due to the Coronavirus, fans did take comfort in the fact that they would be able to watch Netflix while waiting for the situation to die down. While the company did have to halt production for its various shows, they did see an increase in viewership since a lot of people are staying at home. Sadly, some trouble has hit paradise since reports are flooding in that Netflix is down in the US.

Considering how easy it is to get bored nowadays since we can't go out, you can see why this would be something worth talking over. Netflix offers so many shows and movies, giving a ton of viewers something to view at home so if the streaming service isn't working, people are going to get bored and frustrated.

You could heartlessly argue that there are basic cable and video games but some people don't have that luxury. The fact of the matter is, some people would rather have Netflix over cable now and the fact that it's down means a lot of folks at home are going to be stuck with nothing to do. Hopefully, the streaming service finds a way to make it readily available again because people need entertainment now more than ever.

So, how are you guys going to kill time while Netflix is down?


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