06 May 2021 2:22 PM +00:00 UTC

Netflix Imitates HBO Max's Model By Releasing Army of the Dead to Hundreds of Theaters Nationwide

Netflix's Army of the Dead will be released to hundreds of theaters across the US ahead of being its release on the streaming platform. This is a similar model that Warner Brothers did for some of their major blockbuster movies which they have released on HBO Max while being released in theaters.

The difference with Netflix's plan is that it will release the film ahead of the film's release date on its streaming platform. It proves that Netflix sees the potential of the film to become a massive franchise if it does well. The Zack Snyder zombie movie follows the mercenaries who are working together to pull off a Las Vegas casino heist.

The upcoming zombie film made the stakes higher than other heist films as it puts the center of the action in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Not only are the mercenaries facing zombies, but they are also facing intelligent, smart, and fast zombies. The movie stars Dave Bautista playing the role of Scott Ward, the leader of the group. The rest of the cast includes Theo Rossi, Tig Notaro, Ella Purnell, and many others.

Before the film's debut, the platform sees the huge potential of the film and can see it turn into a franchise. Two other projects have been greenlighted which are also set in the same world.

An anime series that will be titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas will have some voice acting from the film's stars as they reprise their roles in the animated series. A prequel film has also been completed filming which is titled Army of Thieves. However, the film has no release date as of yet. The project is directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and will also star in the film. His character Ludwig Dieter will debut in Army of the Dead.

Variety reported that some people may have a chance to see Army of the Dead before Netflix releases the film. The film will be available to 600 theaters on May 14. This will also include the 200 Cinemark locations.

Army of the Dead will be released on Netflix on May 21, 2021.

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