Netflix Claims New Password Sharing Restriction Rule Is An Error

Just last week, Netflix was under fire for their new rule of banning password sharing amongst streaming site subscribers. This banning does not only apply to sharing of subscription accounts but also to limiting the screens and devices being used per account, which also means limiting the usage beyond one’s home. However, Netflix has just claimed that the anti-password sharing measures are an error on their end.

Subscribers of the streaming site were not happy upon hearing this new rule, seeing as the majority cannot afford a monthly subscription on their own, hence, the sharing of passwords and accounts.

Somewhat good news, though, is Netflix is taking back its statement — for now. According to The Streamable, the anti-password sharing rule has been removed from the Netflix website as of February 1 this year, and a Netflix spokesperson has also addressed that the new rule only applies in some countries, just not yet in the United States.

“For a brief time yesterday, a help center article containing information that is only applicable to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, went live in other countries,” the spokesperson said, “We have since updated it.”

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The Netflix spokesperson also reassured their subscribers that should they create any major significant changes to their streaming platform, they would not intentionally announce it prematurely but rather communicate with their customers first.

Subscribers were quite vocal in expressing their disinterest in the platform and suggested that they could easily turn to other means of watching their favorite shows and movies elsewhere. Some were even convinced that this “error” is no error at all, but a planned hoax to test out how their customers would react to it before they eventually initiate their plan. Check out some of the fan tweets below:

While Netflix has good intentions for the safety measures and security of their subscribers, time will only tell how they come up with a plan to not only satisfy their company earnings and profits but also in gaining the favor of their customers to continually use their platform.

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