Netflix Called Out By Fans For Restricting Password Sharing Despite Previous Promotion

Netflix keeps coming in hot this 2023. Apart from its history of canceled shows and discontinued second seasons, the streaming site is also banning people from sharing account passwords on multiple devices. The new plan outraged subscribers, especially since the convenient usage of per account on multiple devices is supposedly part of Netflix’s premium package offers.

Netflix unveiled more in-depth details regarding their plan to stop password sharing (via The Streamable) and it includes not being able to use the account while traveling, or outside of your recorded IP address. Now, fans have dug out a 2017 tweet from Netflix's Twitter account which included their initial promotion to reel in subscribers to their streaming site: “Love is sharing a password”, leading fans and subscribers to call out Netflix for its constant hypocrisy.

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This isn’t the first time Netflix was called out by its varied audiences, seeing as Netflix had also initially claimed they would “never cancel shows” unless their stories are finished, as well as their most recent statement that they never canceled “good” shows, earning more heat from every fandom whose shows they had canceled.

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Netflix is definitely treading on thin ice here as subscribers are campaigning for the streaming site to stop this nonsense. The streaming site may well be aware that they are not the only available platform for subscribers to pay for, despite its convenient and long-established medium to global audiences.

While it is entirely up to the subscribers on whether or not they choose to stay, it is highly likely that the new set of rules will make signing in and streaming a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Given Netflix’s attempt to press on their advantages from other sites, this new restrictive plan could potentially lead subscribers to turn to Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and other platforms. What do you think about Netflix's new restrictive plan?

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