Neil Gaiman Throws Shade at Previous The Sandman Movie Attempts

It's no secret that The Sandman is one of those properties that should have had a movie adaptation ages ago. Although Netflix is finally working on a live-action adaptation of the graphic novels, The Sandman still had to stay in development hell for several decades. So why did it take so long? Neil Gaiman has just thrown shade at the previous attempts for not being impressive.

Gaiman recently spoke to RadioTimes where he admitted that a film adaptation didn't sit right with him and that he was happier with the idea of The Sandman being a TV series. According to the American Gods author, he has gone through several pitches that were ... not good.

"I've read lots of scripts that ranged from the appalling to ‘OK, they might be able to pull this off,'" Gaiman said. "But you always read them going, ‘Well, it's not quite Sandman. It's taking some Sandman stuff from over here, and taking some Sandman stuff over there, and blending it together.'"

It does make sense considering that a film adaptation would limit the storyline whereas a series can simply let the story flow. With that in mind, it's a good thing that the show is finally coming together at Netflix.

But when can we expect the series adaptation of The Sandman? It was previously reported that producer David S. Goyer is hoping that the show will begin production in October.

If this is so, it could mean that the series could air on Netflix by next year. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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