Neil Gaiman Regrets How Good Omens Perfectly Reflects The World's Current Situation

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It's certainly unbelievable that a book that was written almost 30 years ago would predict what is happening in the world right now but here we are. Neil Gaiman has just spoken out about how Good Omens, the novel he and Terry Pratchett wrote in 1990 reflects today's problems and somehow admits he regrets that it happened.

Gaiman recently spoke to The Guardian about Good Omens, both the book and the upcoming TV series that will air on Amazon, and the author expressed his regret about how it somehow predicted the future.

"I mean, if I could trade, I would have a much duller world in which we had to try and convince people that an apocalypse was likely, instead of having the world that we're in, where the nuclear clock is ticking closer and closer, and where I'm going: ‘Actually, as far as I can tell everybody in charge is f--ng nuts.' You know, I would like sensible people and an end of history, that was fun," Gaiman said.

It's certainly a regretful idea but it gives the Good Omens TV series a more immediate feel. On a lighter note, Gaiman revealed that the show allowed him to explore the premise of what might have been a sequel to the book where we get to see what hell looks like.

"It's all one beautiful skyscraper and the angels have the fantastic offices right at the top, and hell is the basement rooms that nobody really wants to be in but, I'm sorry, you're working down there anyway. I remember when the production designer came to me with the first hell designs, and they were amazing, they were powerful, these giant caverns with flames everywhere, and I'm like: ‘Yeah, no, it's just a bit s--t. There are too many people working there and there's filing cabinets that you'll never find anything in and there's pipes that drip and lights that flicker on and off, and it's s--t,'" he said.

Again, that's pretty spot-on. Who would've thought that hell would be a lot like your regular office but with fire and brimstone?

Good Omens will air on Amazon Prime on May 31.

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