Neil Gaiman Pitched a 1602 Series to Marvel TV and Was Turned Down

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Neil Gaiman's Marvel work might not be as prestigious when compared to all the DC comics he wrote but they're still essential stories that fans should read. The Eternals is an interesting look at Jack Kirby's creations and Marvel 1602 is one of the most interesting Marvel Universe stories out there. We'll probably never see 1602 in the big screen but fans will be interested to know that Gaiman himself pitched a television series based on the comic.

And he was rejected.

Replying to a fan who had watched Good Omens and tweeted about wanting to see a 1602 show, Gaiman stated that he pitched the idea to Marvel TV but they turned it down. This has to be a sad thing to hear since 1602 is a really good series that even spawned a couple of decent spin-off titles but that's the reality of this situation.

In defense of Marvel TV, adopting 1602 to television would be really difficult. That comic book series introduces different versions of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and Spider-Man over eight issues. The series also has a twist involving Steve Rogers and that might be too weird for some. Granted, they could make drastic differences in the adaptation but even then, choosing which characters to appear would be hard to do.

Marvel 1602 can be found in most comic book shops and bookstores.

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