Neil Gaiman Confirms Netflix's Sandman Series has Started Filming Without Cast Announcement

Are you already looking forward to the live-action series adaptation of The Sandman? Neil Gaiman has some great news for you. The upcoming Netflix show has already started filming although the streaming giant has not yet announced its cast.

A fan recently pointed out that the Sandman series is already prepping to start production but there haven't been any announcements about the cast. Interestingly, Gaiman responded to the tweet, revealing that they have already started filming.

"Oh, we started shooting on Thursday. Dr John Hathaway has brought a book from the museum in which he works, to Roderick Burgess. But you're right, it's going to be time to announce some casting soon," Gaiman wrote.

That's right, The Sandman actually began production last week on a Thursday (this is actually rather fitting for something involving Gaiman). It's unclear why Netflix is choosing to keep the cast members a secret for now, but we're hoping that an announcement will be made before the end of the year.

Although people are disappointed that the cast has not yet been revealed, it's best to remember that this is already a huge step for The Sandman. After all, the project has been in development hell since the late 90s and we should be grateful that it is finally getting a proper adaptation with Gaiman involved.

The Sandman series has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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