Neil Gaiman Fires Back at Sandman Fan Begging Netflix Series to Exclude 'Political Correctness Nonsense'

It's no secret that The Sandman was one of the first graphic novels to depict LGBT+ people in a positive light. But will the upcoming series adaptation actually do away with the characters who represented LGBTQ? Neil Gaiman was asked to remove all the "politically correct nonsense" from the Netflix show and the author had a fitting response.

Gaiman had previously confirmed that the live-action Sandman series is already set to begin production "in three weeks" although details about the show's cast have not yet been revealed. Interestingly, this led to one fan begging the American Gods writer not to include "politically correct nonsense" into the series. It didn't take long before Gaiman responded to the now-deleted tweet. Check out his response below.

"Got it. So you want a Sandman without the LGBT+ people who were in it, without the female lead characters, and without the people of colour? Are you sure it will still be Sandman once you're through?" Gaiman wrote.

Not surprisingly, several fans agreed with Gaiman on this one. After all, what would be the point of wanting to see The Sandman come to life if it didn't have all the important aspects of the graphic novels? Would it make sense to simply take away everything that a character like Desire stood for?

Luckily, it looks like Gaiman isn't giving in to the fan's demands. For now, we're just hoping that we'll actually get more details about the cast of the Sandman series.

Are you looking forward to Netflix's The Sandman series? Sound off in the comments below.

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