Nebula Actress Karen Gillan Hopes Captain Marvel Paves Way for more Female-Lead MCU Films

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Though the MCU is rife with female badasses like Black Widow, Agent Carter, Nebula, and Gamora, we have still yet to get a movie with a woman as the central hero. With Captain Marvel set to come out next year, Nebula actress Karen Gillan hopes that the film paves the way for more female-lead Marvel films down the line.

Talking to Metro, Gillan says:


"It is something all of us Marvel actresses have talked about and think would be an amazing project… It is exciting because we have ‘Captain Marvel' coming out, with Brie Larson in it, and that will be a big celebration for all of us. Because that is the first female led Marvel movie. Hopefully that can lead to more female ensemble Marvel films."

Gillan also talks about how this year's Black Panther has also said something about the audiences, and how their tastes have changed when it comes to films. She continues:

"The success of ‘Black Panther' has said a lot about our industry and appetites and what audiences want. It is always exciting when that happens, because then it's like, ‘OK, what is going to come from this?' It is going to open up so many opportunities for other people and so it is exciting."

With the success of DC's Wonder Woman last year, fans were now looking at Marvel for their female-lead superhero film. Sure the franchise had been thriving since 2008, but after 10 years, you'd think that they would have made at least two women-lead MCU films already.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8, 2019, but it's said she'll be appearing in Avengers: infinity War when it comes out April 27.

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