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NCT Yuta Shock: NCTzens Accused SM Entertainment Of Discriminating Yuta Despite Idol’s Big Success

Credit: 채널 NCT MUSIC/YouTube Screenshot

NCTzens, NCT’s fandom, is accusing SM Entertainment of discriminating the group member Yuta for failing to help his promotions despite being a big company earner.

Yuta has been busy doing his solo activities in Japan, from gracing high-profile magazines to collaborating with big brands. However, fans can’t help but notice that SM Entertainment is not promoting his activities as it does for other NCT members.

Yuta’s Solo Activities

According to Koreaboo, the 26-year-old is currently cast in a major Japanese blockbuster franchise, HiGH & LOW. He’s also set to debut as an official action star this year.

He remains carrying out his responsibilities as an idol, being a member of NCT, traveling from Japan to Korea and vice versa to fulfill his duties and schedules.

Not only that, though, he also has several solo ventures, like working with Tom Ford, Vogue Japan, GQ Japan, Numero Tokyo, Elle Japan, Men’s Non-No, CraftBoss and Louis Vuitton.

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He also proves himself beneficial to SM Entertainment’s financial recovery in Japan after the COVID-19 pandemic.

But despite this success, NCTzens feel like he’s not getting enough support from the label.

NCTzens Feel SM Entertainment is Not Supporting Yuta

Fans believe SM Entertainment is not helping Yuta to promote his activities. NCT’s social media channels rarely post any promotions about him.

They also highlight the unfair removal of the idol from NCT 127’s previous promotional material. They said he seemed omitted from content like facecams or endings.

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On the contrary, other members have facecams and fan cams, which Yuta doesn’t have.

Will Yuta Leave NCT?

Meanwhile, rumors have it Yuta would be leaving NCT after SM Entertainment announced it would be debuting NCT Hollywood and NCT Tokyo, per Meaww.

There were reports an audition for new members born after the 2000s was held.

This resulted in an uproar after NCTzens claimed the company hadn’t treated its current members well, including Yuta, to have new ones.

After adding Sungchan and Japanese member Shotaro to the group in 2020, they only had one comeback. Since then, they have been “musically inactive.”

Fans believe NCT Tokyo will be the fixed sub-unit for Shotaro. Alternatively, Yuta has been the fixed sub-unit of NCT 127, of which he has been part since 2016.

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With that said, there are fears he will be removed from the group and be part of NCT Tokyo instead.

Thankfully, Yuta has cleared the air about the issue. He says that no matter what SM Entertainment’s decision is, he will still be part of the fixed sub-unit and NCT 127.

“I’m still NCT 127, so don’t worry,” he said.

Anyhow, fans can’t help but wonder if he will be like Mark and Haechan, who are in two sub-units, NCT Dream and NCT 127.

Though Yuta stressed that he would remain an NCT 127 member, he neither denied nor confirmed that he would be part of NCT Tokyo.

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