NCT Jungwoo Says He Changed After His Debut — Here's What Happened

Credit: MBCKPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBCKPOP/YouTube Screenshot

NCT Jungwoo looked back at the time he debuted as an idol and the struggles he went through in the past years.

Before Jungwoo debuted, he appeared in the official music video of Super Junior Yesung’s Paper Umbrella in 2017. He then made his debut with NCT U a year later.

In 2018, he also started his career with the project unit NCT 2018 and sub-unit NCT 127. From there, he permanently became the main vocalist and the lead dancer of NCT U and the lead vocalist and lead dancer of NCT 127.

Years after his debut, NCT Jungwoo told his story to fans and the journey he went through.

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NCT Jungwoo Pressured After Debuting With NCT

The K-pop idol recently appeared on the pages of the July issue of Arena Homme Plus (via Naver) and talked about his career as a member of NCT.

According to Jungwoo, he felt worried and stressed during the early days of his career despite being part of a well-known entertainment company.

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“In the time right after my debut, I worried a lot about whether I’d be able to do well without getting nervous due to pressure. If you don’t have a lot of experience, it’s only natural to get nervous, but I didn’t like seeing myself not being able to enjoy performing on stage because of my nerves,” he said.

However, after a few years, he learned from it already and found it easy to cope with new challenges.

For instance, his pictorial with Arena Homme Plus became his first cover shoot in his career. As he managed to enjoy such an opportunity, he now wants to show more sides of him in the future.

NCT Jungwoo Learned Things in the Past Years

During the same discussion, Jungwoo took his time to share what he learned in the past years amid the challenges in his career.

For the idol, learning how not to regret things made a huge difference in his life as a person and an idol.

“If you give it everything you’ve got and try to do everything you can up until the very end, and it still doesn’t work out, then there’s nothing you can do. But I still think it’s important to have the mindset of trying to keep going up until the very end,” he went on.

NCT Jungwoo indeed showed massive improvements in the past years, and he also became part of the group’s first-ever dome tour in Japan last month.

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