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IU Update: Internet User Who Posted Malicious Comments About Singer Receives Legal Charges

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IU and her agency, EDAM Entertainment, have been spending most of their time dealing with malicious internet users in the past years.

As IU expands her career outside the music industry, more people recklessly defame her and try to bring her down.

For instance, EDAM Entertainment launched a probe to take legal action against the people who shared posts that involved sexual harassment, privacy violations, and defamation — among others — against the singer.

Now, one of the internet users formally received legal charges over the damaging deeds they did against IU.

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Perpetrator Who Abused IU Receives Charges

On EDAM Entertainment’s website, it confirmed that the company had been providing evidence against the internet user who habitually shared insults and malicious posts about the Good Day hitmaker. The perpetrator also shared the aforesaid defamatory statements on internet bulletin boards.

With the help of the law firm Shinwon, it conducted a subpoena investigation that recognized the crimes the user committed.

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“The court has given the perpetrator a suspended sentencing of 8 months in prison (will serve 8 months if probation is violated), 2 years of probation, 180 hours of community service, and 40 hours of sexual violence treatment lectures on charges of violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (defamation) and other charges,” it said.

EDAM Entertainment added that if the person committed the same crime again, they would take a follow-up step to give the user a more severe punishment.

In the end, it promised to protect IU and its other artists to ensure that no further damage would occur.

IU’s Haters Never Learned Their Lessons

Before the recent charges, internet user “A” shared their dismay online and said that they did not know why the agency sued them.

They accused EDAM Entertainment of exaggerating their post.

“We need to open this discussion to the public. Why do we need to reflect on our actions for these kinds of comments? It’s just our personal thoughts after seeing her [IU] actions,” the user continued.

But after a few months, the agency finally had enough and pursued the legal action.

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