NCIS Season 19 Episode 16 Recap: What You May Have Missed In The Wake?

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A young couple is hosting a gender reveal party on NCIS Season 19 Episode 16. The plane flies overhead, but no message is displayed. Instead, body parts begin to fall from the sky!

Torres and Palmer are collecting body pieces from the crime scene when Torres discovers a whole finger. Hines identifies the finger as belonging to Emma Radner. She's been missing for 5 months, and everyone thinks her husband, Sam Radner, murdered her.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 16: A Gun to the Head

McGee and Knight go visit Emma's sister and neighbor, Molly. During Molly's interrogation, the Freemans, who are close family friends of Molly and Emma, arrive. Sam is wanted by the gang, but he refuses to answer the door. Molly is in possession of a key.

Hines informs Parker and Torres that the body pieces did not fall from the plane; rather, vultures discovered Emma's body, ate a portion of her, then puked her back up into the sky when they were about to be hit by the jet. DNR tagged the vultures, and the team discovered their nest. Vultures only eat in the vicinity of their nest. Emma's body is discovered nearby by Parker.

Knight enters Sam's house using Molly's key. He's upstairs, with a gun to his head!

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Sam Spills in NCIS Season 19 Episode 16

In NCIS Season 19 Episode 16, we find Knight attempting to convince Sam out of committing suicide. He mentions a podcast that the crew has been discussing, and claims that everyone already believes he is guilty. Knight informs him that she has heard the podcast and believes he is guilty, but that if he is innocent, he should share his story.

Director Vance gives Knight 10 minutes or they'll send a sniper to kill Sam. Knight persuades Sam to put the gun down. She enters the room, and the two of them discuss Emma. He claims to love Emma and has taken ballroom dance courses, often brings her flowers, and even prepares her breakfast in bed. Knight tells him to tell his story and show the internet wrong.

Hines discovers an ATV route that Sam took to go from his house to the location where Emma's body was discovered. If he's the killer, she warns the squad, he'll kill Knight.

Inside Sam's home, a single shot is fired. The crew has no idea who fired their gun or whether anyone was killed. But Sam is still alive! Even as he fired the gun, Knight saved him. Molly storms out of her house, yelling at him that he is a murderer.

McGee and Torres interrogate Sam. They believe he murdered Emma because she informed her therapist she was considering divorce.

Hines informs the crew that Sam gave flowers to Emma on the day she went missing. He was on vacation in Florida when he sent the flowers. Emma had received the flowers and was wearing one behind her ear when she passed away. It couldn't possibly have been Sam!

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A Fingerprint Reveals the Killer in NCIS Season 19 Episode 16

Sam is asked by Knight and Torres who else had a key to their house besides Molly. He informs them that their neighbors, the Freemans, have a key because Walt is also their handyman.

Hines enters the room and informs the team that she discovered a print on the roses Sam sent Emma. Walt's wife, Nancy Freemans, left her fingerprint! In a jealous rage, she killed Emma, believing Walt was having an affair with her.

Knight tells Sam during Emma's funeral that she understands his sadness because she had lately lost some family/friends. Over their love and grief for Emma, Sam and Molly reconcile and reconnect.

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