Nathan Hamill: Mark Hamill was NOT Trashing Disney in His Big Bang Theory Appearance

Mark Hamill had a recent appearance in The Big Bang Theory, and a fan has pointed out that the shirt he was wearing during his scene with Howard seems to be a jab at Disney owning several franchises. Hamill's son Nathan, though, has come up to say that it's actually an original character of his and not an intentional jab at Disney.

If anything Hamill has Disney to thank for the rejuvenated interest in Star Wars, and the spotlight coming back to him. After The Force Awakens, Hamill has notably been making more live action appearances, and he was finally able to get his own star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We don't know if Hamill will be making a return in Star Wars Episode IX, but a lot of people are crossing their fingers that he makes it back as a Force Ghost. After the death of Carrie Fisher, Luke Skywalker is the only Legacy character left that could make a logical reappearance. What are the odds that Luke will even bring Han back?

Will Hamill return? We'll just have to wait till Star Wars Episode IX hits theaters on Dec. 20, 2019.

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