Narco-Saints: Jo Woo Jin Rejected Park Hae Soo’s Character – Here’s Why

Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

The Narco-Saints director was taken aback after Jo Woo Jin rejected the lead role and chose to play a supporting character in the Netflix series.

The six-part episode series gained massive popularity right after it globally premiered on September 9.

For two weeks, Narco-Saints is among Netflix’s top 10 tv shows, ranking fifth as cited by Flix Patrol.

Why did Jo Woo Jin Choose to Play a Supporting Role Instead of a Lead Character?

In a report cited by KBizoom, the production crew revealed that the role of NIS agent Choi Chang Ho was initially offered to Jo Woo Jin but he rejected it for one good reason.

As mentioned by the outlet, Jo Woo Jin was determined to play the role of Chinese Korean Byeon Ki Tae, the pastor’s right-hand man.

“If you give me the role of Byeon Ki Tae instead of Choi Chang-ho, I will do my best,” the actor said.

Narco-Saints Director Yoon Jong Bin seemed confused and asked Jo Woo Jin the reason why he wanted to play the supporting role.

For the versatile star, he explained to the director that he was drawn to Byeon Ki Tae’s character.

“I’m grateful to be offered the role of a cool NIS agent, but after reading through the script, I was more attracted to Byeon Ki Tae, the character that is like a wild beast and his infinite charm,” he mentioned.

Moreover, the actor promised to do his best and “not ruin” the director’s work.

Lo and behold, Jo Woo Jin got the part while Choi Chang Ho’s role went to Squid Game star Park Hae Soo.

While both stars perfectly portrayed the respective characters, Jo Woo Jin was totally immersed in his role and even learned Chinese and went three hours early on the set to prepare for his special makeup.

As seen in Narco-Saints, the actor sported dark skin, a tattooed body, and a beard which is far from his usual aura.

On top of it, Jo Woo Jin had an intense workout to build a solid body that fits Byeon Ki Tae’s image.

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Meet the Cast and Why Netflix's Narco-Saints Deserves the Hype?

Narco-Saints is definitely one of the most watched K-dramas this 2022 that made a mark due to its amazing story and cast lineup.

Based on the true story, the six-part episode series follows the unexpected journey of a South Korean businessman, named Kang In Gu, who moves to South America’s Suriname for skate fish trading.

However, he gets caught up in the illegal activity of a drug lord disguised as Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan, played by Hwang Jung Min.

With this, NIS agent Choi Chang Ho, portrayed by Park Hae Soo got in touch with Kang In Gu to be their undercover in hopes of arresting the drug lord.

Amid the deadly mission, Kang In Gu meets the pastor’s legal advisor David Park played by Yoo Yeon Seok, and his right-hand man, Byeon Ki Tae, portrayed by Jo Woo Jin.

In the latter part of the series, Jo Woo Jin’s character surprised the viewers with the twist and turns after revealing that he is also working for Choi Chang Ho.

With this, he captivates the viewers with his impressive acting and was also the reason why he wanted to play Byeon Ki Tae instead of the NIS agent despite Choi Chang Ho being one of the lead characters.

Who is Narco-Saints Actor Jo Woo Jin?

Apart from Netflix’s Narco-Saints, the 43-year-old actor starred in a slew of notable K-dramas.

Viewers might recognize Jo Woo Jin as he plays lieutenant colonel Han Tae Seok, in K-zombie series Happiness along with Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik.

He also appeared in supporting roles in Mr. Sunshine, Chicago Typewriter, Goblin, and also in notable movies such as Collectors, Alien, and Seokbok with Gong Yoo and Park Go Bum as Chief Ahn.

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