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Narco-Saints’ Jo Woo Jin Joins Hyun Bin in New Movie Harbin

Credit: iQIYI K-Drama / YouTube screenshot

Jo Woo Jin is the newest addition to the upcoming movie Harbin starring Hyun Bin.

The versatile star, who recently made waves after appearing as one of the casts in Netflix’s Narco-Saints, is back with an interesting character.

In an exclusive report cited by YTN, the 43-year-old actor has confirmed his appearance in the upcoming spy action film.

Jo Woo Jin Confirmed to Join Hyun Bin in Harbin

While the film is in the middle of its production, movie officials have selected Jo Woo Jin to complete the “golden lineup” of Harbin.

Apart from Hyun Bin, Jeon Yeo Bin and Hellbound star Park Jung Min portray the main characters.

However, despite Jo Woo Jin's confirmation to join the Harbin cast, production and drama officials are yet to reveal his character.

Directed by Woo Min Ho of Inside Men, The Drug King, The Man Standing Next, and more, Harbin is an action spy film that occurred in the 1900s.

The incident that took place in China’s northernmost province, Harbin focuses on Korean independence activists who risk their lives to take back their homeland.

With the roster of talented stars headlining the movie, viewers could look forward to intense scenes and emotional acting from the lead actors.

Harbin recently began its production this November and is scheduled to conclude filming in March 2023.

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Jo Woo Jin Impressed Viewers on his Appearance in Narco-Saints

Just days after the show aired, Narco-Saints entered Netflix's global top 10 tv shows, proving another quality output from South Korea.

Interestingly, amid the unique storyline and cast lineup that drew the viewers more to the series, Jo Woo Jin’s portrayal of the pastor’s right-hand man, Byun Ki Tae left a remarkable impression on the audience.

However, the actor was initially offered to play Park Hae Soo’s role, NIS agent Choi Chang Ho, who is one of the main characters.

Dubbed as the in-demand supporting actor, Jo Woo Jin politely refused the offer to play the lead star and chose Byun Ki Tae’s role instead.

As obtained by KBizoom, a representative from the production mentioned in an interview that the actor left the team confused after he is willing to give up portraying the main character

“If you give me the role of Byeon Ki Tae instead of Choi Chang-ho, I will do my best,” he tells Director Yoon Jong Bin who was taken aback by the actor’s decision.

Jo Woo Jin was completely drawn to Byun Ki Tae’s mysterious role, saying that he “is like a wild beast and his infinite charm.”

Lo and behold, the actor did not disappoint the director, the crew, and most especially the audience after he delivered an exceptional performance.

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