Narco-Saints Episode 3 Recap: Hwang Jung Min Falls Into Ha Jung Woo, Park Hae Soo’s Trap

Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Ha Jung Woo and Park Hae Soo’s plan seems to be going smoothly as Hwang Jung Min falls into the NIS trap as seen in Narco-Saints episode 3.

Helmed by KUNDO : Age of the Rampant and The Spy Gone North director Yoon Jong Bin, the six-part episode thriller crime series follows the story of a civilian businessman, who left South Korea and moved to Suriname for his new venture only to find out that he will be involved in a special operation mission.

Where to Watch Narco-Saints?

Headlined by a roster of a star-studded cast, Narco-Saints is the newest Netflix original series, exclusively broadcasted through the streaming platform.

Narco-Saints cast includes Hwang Jung Min, Squid Game star Park Hae Soo, Ha Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok from Hospital Playlist, and Jo Woo Jin.

Narco-Saints Episode 3 Recap:

For the third episode, things are going according to plan however, Kang In Gu (Ha Jung Woo) and NIS agent Choi Chang Ho have to encounter a few bumps on the road before getting Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan’s (Hwang Jung Min) trust.

Narco-Saints episode 3 continues with Jeon Yo Hwan, a drug lord disguised as a pastor, who seems adamant to do business with Kang In Gu who was imprisoned because of Jeon Yo Hwan.

Thankfully he was able to satisfy him when asked his reason for returning to Suriname after being released from prison.

Kang In Gu pointed out that he can't return to South Korea without any money and to earn fast, he needs to trade narcotics.

He and Choi Chang Ho planned to disguise themselves as drug traders who will bring top-notch cocaine to Korea with the help of either the Chinese drug lord Chen Zhen or Jeon Yo Hwan.

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As shown in the previous episode, Chen Zhen only deals with meth while Jeon Yo Hwan handles all cocaine in Suriname. Due to this, Kang In Gu and Choi Chang Ho agreed to get the goods to the pastor; however, before sealing the deal, Jeon Yo Hwan asks if he could see Choi Chang Ho, who introduced himself as the trader, Sangman, who is the business partner of Kang In Gu.

Fortunately, the NIS was able to think and move fast with Choi Chang Ho flying to Suriname immediately.

Upon arriving, he was welcomed by the pastor's legal adviser David Park. At the mansion, he was introduced to Jeon Yo Hwan, whom the NIS has been searching for years.

During the conversation, David Park traced that something is fishy with Sangman’s records as they saw his previous activities, which include his trip to Suriname and visit to the U.S embassy.

Confronting Sangman, Jeon Yo Hwan doubts he and Kang In Gu’s proposal, but he manages to convince the pastor after coming up with an alibi regarding his U.S embassy visit.

After confirming that there is a Douglas Harper, whom Sangman mentioned as his connection in the U.S embassy, the pastor falls into their trap and starts with the deal and was able to get two tons of cocaine.

As for the NIS reward to Kang In Gu, the team promised him to pay an additional 20 million for being involved in such a deadly mission. However, he asked if Choi Chang Ho could wire it to Eunsoo’s family, who should have been celebrating his birthday.

In the last scene in narco-Saints episode 3, the pastor and his men start delivering the two-ton cocaine out of Suriname by getting it out of the Brazilian border.

As for the NIS’ plan, Choi Chang Ho and his team should act surprised as Brazilian police will have an entrapment operation at the borders.

Upon reaching the borders, the pastor’s group and Choi Chang Ho were caught red-handed by the police.

Will there be a bloodbath between Jeon Yo Hwan’s group versus the NIS?

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