Narco-Saints Episode 2 Recap: Ha Jung Woo Considers Park Hae Soo’s Offer

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Netflix never fails to deliver entertaining and mind-boggling series like action crime K-drama Narco-Saints which stars Ha Jung Woo, Park Hae Soo, Hwang Jung Min, and more.

Penned and written by Yoon Jong Bin, the man behind movies The Spy Gone North and KUNDO : Age of the Rampant, the latest Netflix original series follows the story of a South Korean businessman who was caught up in a special operation to find the country’s most wanted drug lord.

Narco-Saints Cast

Apart from the trio, the Narco-Saints cast includes a roster of powerhouse actors.

Ha Jung Woon plays the civilian entrepreneur, Kang In Gu, who went all the way to Suriname to start a business while Park Hae Soo plays NIS agent Choi Chang Ho.

As for the antagonist, Hwang Jung Min portrays Suriname’s drug lord, Jeon Yo Hwan, disguised as a pastor and Jo Woo Jin is his right-hand man, Byun Ki Tae.

Interestingly, Yoo Yeon Seok took the role of David Park, the brains behind the drug syndicate.

Narco-Saints Episode 2 Recap

The second episode featured Kang In Gu’s life in prison. Following his chaotic arrest, the South Korean businessman was imprisoned because of cocaine. It turns out that his skate fish has narcotics inside, specifically cocaine.

He tried to call the embassy but it seems like they couldn't send any help because there is no treaty between South Korea and Suriname.

Just when he thought that everything was over, a mysterious person came to visit him in prison.

Choi Chang Ho is a part of the NIS who has been following Jeon Yo Hwan and tracking his activities after he escaped from South Korea.

He revealed that it was he who tried to sneak in the cocaine through Kang In Gu’s goods. Unfortunately, it was seized by the police with the innocent Kang In Gu taking the fall.

The detective also revealed that his longtime friend, Park Eung Soo, who is also his business partner in Suriname, was found dead. According to Choi Chang Ho, he was murdered by the pastor’s men.

During his conversation with the detective, Kang In Gu found out that Yo Han was not really a pastor but a big-time drug lord.

Initially, he was transacting meth in South Korea but moved to a small country in South America to escape the authorities.

In Suriname, he created a group and fooled his members about religion. Little did they know that he had been giving each of his members' cocaine to easily manipulate them.

After years of illegal operation, he is one of the largest suppliers of cocaine not just in the country but also in Europe.

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With this, Choi Chang Ho asked for cooperation from Kang In Gu to play as their undercover and arrest Yo Hwan.

Being skeptical about the government’s plan, he wanted to do business with the NIS. Since he thinks that what they wanted him to do is a suicide, Kang In Gu proposed a deal to pay him 500 million won to do the task.

He shared that some of it will go to Park Eung Soo’s family, who lost a husband and a father.

Both parties had an agreement and started a plan by involving the Chinese drug lord Chen Zhen who sells meth.

As their first step, Kang In Gu met Chen Zhen and proposed to him a deal to supply him with cocaine. Initially, he doubts the Korean’s offer since he first teamed up with the pastor.

However, the Chinese drug lord sees that In Gu has a generous offer and so he agreed and was asked to deliver one ton of cocaine to South Korea.

Upon checking his deliverables, what he brought was not even close to one ton, and thinks that Chen Zhen is still doubting him as a businessman.

In the last scene of Narco-Saints episode 2, David Park barged into Chen Zhen’s turf and pointed out that he broke his agreement that only the pastor would engage in cocaine-related activities.

Because of this, Kang In Gu was put in a tight spot and was asked to choose; whether to transact with the pastor or the Chinese drug lord.

He promised to speak first with the pastor, but it seems like he does not want Kang In Gu in Suriname.

“Let me ask you one thing. Why did you come back to Suriname?” The pastor questioned Kang In Gu as if he knew something about his plan with the NIS.

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