The Law Cafe Episode 1: Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young Illustrate Lovers Turned Enemy Relationship

Credit: Viu Singapore / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Viu Singapore / YouTube screenshot

The Law Cafe is the newest rom-com K-drama featuring the team-up between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young.

Helmed by Feel Good to Die director Lee Eun Jin, the weekday series is based on the webtoon of the same name that follows the story of two lovers who were reunited after 17 years.

Where to Watch The Law Cafe

Debuted on September 5, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young’s new drama has 16 episodes and airs every Monday and Tuesday.

Viewers could watch The Law Cafe exclusively on KBS2 while subtitles are available on ViuTV.

The Law Cafe Viewership Rating

The rom-com series is off to a good start as The Law Cafe kicks off with impressive viewership.

According to Nielsen Korea, the pilot episode garnered an average nationwide viewership rating of 7.1 percent, making it the most watched series on its timeslot.

The Law Cafe Episode 1 Recap: Kim Yu Ri Quits the Law Firm

The episode starts with the quirky lawyer Kim Yu Ri (Lee Se Young) who was at the trial trying to intimidate her opponents with her eccentric and unprofessional attitude.

Although she is known as a righteous lawyer who protects the weak and fights for the truth, her behavior led her to resign from the law firm that she is working for.

Instead, she decides to put up a cafe in a small neighborhood where she would also offer legal advice.

Determined to have a fresh start, she finally scouted a place that is perfect for her new business venture.

Although the place was quite odd and creepy, Kim Yu Ri believes that she could turn it into a nice cafe.

After meeting the broker and finalizing the documents, she is unaware that the building's owner is someone she knew from the past.

Kim Yu Ri Unexpectedly Meets Ex-Boyfriend Kim Jung Ho

While everyone at her age is either getting married or starting a family, Yu Ri is launching her business.

In The Law Cafe episode 1, she accidentally meets her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Ho (Lee Seung Gi) at the wedding of one of their friends.

Although she tried to reach out, it seems Kim Jung Ho is avoiding her.

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Kim Yu Ri Files Complaint Against Kim Jung Ho

From an unexpected reunion, Kim Yu Ri finds out that Kim Jung Ho was her landlord, who canceled her lease despite completing the documents.

She tried to persuade him to continue with the rental, but he declined. With this, Kim Yu Ri filed a lawsuit against him.

The next day, he received a call from Yu Ri asking him to deliver the trial-related paperwork that she left in his house.

Initially, he didn't want to visit any courtrooms after quitting as a prosecutor and now works as a novel writer.

Since he knew that it was an important document for Yu Ri, he went to the courtroom in a heartbeat only to find out that it was only her trick; however, Yu Ri convinced Jung Ho to stay and watch the trial.

It seems like it is her way to convince her ex-boyfriend to continue her rental.

After the trial, she was approached by Jung Ho asking for an explanation.

“I know, so you wouldn’t want to see me on the first floor of your house talking about legal advice or anything else,” she said, pointing out that she promised not to bother him if he signed the contract.

“If you sign a contract, I won’t be seen, and I’ll sell coffee and offer advice very softly like a mouse is dead.”

Being a former prosecutor, Kim Jung Ho drafted the policies that both parties should agree on.

However, Kim Yu Ri finds it ridiculous, especially “refraining from using the trails, parks, and supermarkets that A usually uses.”

In addition, Jung Ho also noted that “B cannot speak to A unless she has an appointment with A.”

In a flashback, Kim Yu Ri and Kim Jung Ho used to be lovers, and both studied law in college. However, she was surprised after Jung Ho broke up with her for no apparent reason.

“Let's stop what we are doing,” he said, referring to their relationship.

In the last scene in The Law Cafe episode 1, Kim Jung Hon revealed why he wanted to keep his distance from Kim Yu Ri.

He admitted that he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

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