Narco-Saints Episode 1 Recap: Ha Jung Woo Gets Wind Up In a Turf War In Suriname

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Narco-Saints is Netflix's newest K-drama featuring a star-studded cast lineup including Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Park Hae Soo, and more.

Directed by Yoon Jong Bin of The Spy Gone North and KUNDO : Age of the Rampant, the movie is based on a true story of a South Korean entrepreneur who gets caught up in a secret mission and ends up working alongside the National Intelligence Service.

The mission of the secret operation is to halt a Korean drug king operating in the country of Suriname.

Where to Watch Narco-Saints?

Released on September 9, Narco-Saints has a total of 6 episodes for the whole season.

Viewers get to watch the action thriller crime series exclusively on Netflix with 60 minute run time per episode.

Narco-Saints Episode 1 Recap: Kang In Gu’s Rough Childhood

The first episode featured the background of Kang In Gu (Ha Jung Woo) who grew up in poverty. He is a son of a former soldier who joined the Vietnam war and his mother sells Yakult to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, both his parents died on separate occasions leaving Kang In Gu, being the eldest, looking after his siblings.

As a teen, he sells food to hikers and at night works as a part-time waiter in a bar.

Here, he learned the ins and out of running a restaurant and eventually became the manager.

Slowly, having a family of his own, Kang In Gu managed to start his own club and has a small space for his growing family.

Kang In Gu Ventures New Business in Suriname

In Narco-Saints episode 1, it featured one of Kang In Gu’s longtime friends who works at a fish port.

He spoke about the country in South Africa called Suriname where locals don't appreciate skatefish but is well loved in South Korea.

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The man tells Kang In Gu that locals throw this type of fish because of its odor. The man proposed a possible business venture to Kang In Gu saying that they could get skatefish in Suriname for a very minimal price and transport it to South Korea for a much higher value.

He initially doubted the plan and caved in after seeing that he could bring his family a bright future because of it.

Despite his wife not giving her full support for Kang In Gu’s plan, she finally agreed after seeing how determined her husband is with his new business plan.

Lo and behold, the duo came to Suriname but had to face a few bumps in the road as they started their business.

Government officials like the local soldier would take bribes with a promise of protecting the business.

However, Kang In Gu encountered the leader of the Chinese gang led by Chen Jin (Chang Chen) asking him to pay 5,000 per month. He states that he owns the waters of Suriname and Kang In Gu getting profit from it should pay.

Fortunately, he met a Korean pastor named Jeon Yo Hwan (Hwang Jung Min) during his accidental visit to the church.

Based on their bruises, the pastor pointed out that someone has been bothering the two. Based on the duo’s description, the Korean pastor knew that it was the Chinese gang leader, Chen Jin.

After a few conversations with Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan, he helped Kang In Gu and his friend deal with Chen Jin.

Just when Kang In Gu thought that things were going smoothly, he received a call from the captain of the ship telling him that there was cocaine inside the skatefish.

He tells his friend to pass the message to the pastor and explains that they didn't know anything about the cocaine.

Shortly after, a group of police barged into his warehouse and was looking for the warehouse owner. He tried to escape the authorities, but he failed.

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