Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo, More Korean Actors Hit With Bullying Scandal

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Credit: Christian Dior / YouTube screenshot

Over the past few years, there are Korean celebrities who are involved in controversy, particularly being accused of being bullies or subjected to harassment allegations.

Recently, an in-demand Kdrama actor was embroiled in an issue regarding his past.

As mentioned, it is not the first time that a celebrity was dragged in a massive controversy as such.

From Nam Joo Hyuk to Ji Soo and more, here are the actors who were accused of bullying or harassment.

Nam Joo Hyuk

The 28-year-old star is the recent celebrity whose name is involved in a bullying scandal.

It came after a Korean media outlet cited an exclusive report noting that an unnamed person reached out and accused Nam Joo Hyuk of being bullying during their middle and high school years.

The anonymous tipper also revealed the picture of the school yearbook as proof, showing that the Start-Up star was among the group who would bully the students.

The group would harass, steal money, cuss and victimize other students.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency, Management SOOP, denied the issues and warned that they would take legal action against the anonymous tipper and the reporter.

As obtained by Soompi, his management said that they have investigated the legitimacy of the allegations and have “confirmed that all the relevant information is not true in the slightest.”

Management SOOP also castigated the media outlet noting that they are disappointed with the “one-sided report” as they failed to do fact-checking before releasing the article.

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Ji Soo

In 2021, Ji Soo was involved in a bullying scandal after his former classmate claimed that the actor was a “bully" and a “sexual predator".

Following this, Ji Soo released an official statement through a handwritten letter, admitting the allegations and apologizing for his actions.

At the time, he was starring in the historical Kdrama River Where the Moon Rises. Due to the controversy, KBS decided to drop the actor from the series while the production company sued the actor for damages because of the issue.

After the issue, he is set to return after being in discussion to headline the music drama series Who Knows.

Jo Byeong Gyu

Best known for his role in SKY Castle, Uncanny Counter, and Hot Stove League, Jo Byeong Gyu faced the same criticism in 2021.

He was accused of school violence after his former classmate in New Zealand, where he spent his high school, claimed that he was a bully and would verbally abuse or throw obscene jokes at his classmates.

His agency, HB Entertainment, denied the allegations and revealed that they took legal action against his two former classmates.

At the height of the controversy, the actor decided to step down from KBS2's variety program, Come Back Home.

In a statement, Soompi reported that police have investigated the issue, and “the suspects admitted that what they had posted online was false.”

The perpetrators sent the agency “an official apology in deep reflection on their actions.”

Following the controversy that almost ruined his career, Jo Byeong Gyu will return to Kdramaland through a webtoon-based series History of Losers with Song Ha Yoon.

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