My Isekai Life Dub Release Date: When Will it be Dubbed in English?

Yuji casting in My Isekai Life English Dub Release Date
Credit: Revoroot

Yuji casting in My Isekai Life English Dub Release Date
Credit: Revoroot

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These days, one of the more popular genres is isekai. For the summer 2022 anime season, there are a lot of isekai shows to choose from. For those who prefer watching dub over sub, when is the English dub release date for My Isekai Life?

My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World! or My Isekai Life, for short, is a light novel series written by Shinkoshoto and illustrated by Kazabana Huuka. It was first serialized in Shosetsuka ni Naro in 2017.

Since 2018, the series has been published under SB Creative. There is also a manga adaptation published under Square Enix's Manga UP! The premiere of the anime adaptation aired last July 4, 2022.

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When Will My Isekai Life Be Dubbed in English?

The slimes in My Isekai Life Dub Release Date
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Credit: Revoroot

HIDIVE has confirmed that the English dub for My Isekai Life will begin on Monday, August 22nd.

Sano Yuji will be played by Scott Gibbs, who has previously played Tobio in Haikyuu!! and Sora in fan-favourite isekai No Game No Life.

The first episode's dub will premiere at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. HIDIVE does not clarify whether the first two episodes of the dub will be released together, as was the case with the subtitled release.

While not mentioned in the statement, it's assumed new episodes of the My Isekai Life English dub will continue airing weekly at this time.

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About My Isekai Life

Yuji in My Isekai Life English Dub Release Date
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Credit: Revoroot

My Isekai Life centers around former office worker, Sano Yuji. Yuji wakes up in a different world, much like the usual magical fantasy setting.

Shortly after waking up, he learns he is part of the monster tamer class. Generally, monster tamers have pretty average character stats.

However, Yuji encounters numerous slimes and immediately tames them. After one of the slimes leads Yuji to a house with a whole library full of magical books, he learns that the slimes have the ability to gain magical knowledge.

Whatever knowledge the slimes gained also went to Yuji. Immediately right after, Yuji gets a second class and becomes a sage. Due to the incredible amount of magical knowledge the slimes learned, Yuji becomes the most powerful sage in the world.

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