My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Spoilers, Leaks Show Deku Enraged After Seeing Bakugo

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Spoilers Deku

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Spoilers Deku

With Izuku Midoriya finally arriving at the scene in Chapter 366, My Hero Academia Chapter 367 spoilers and leaks show Deku going into a rage after seeing what happened to Bakugo.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 is set to officially release in a few days, but spoilers and leaks have begun spreading on Twitter, with the hashtag #mha367 trending today.

These leaks include chapter summaries as well as raw scans of the manga.

Typically, these manga spoilers get leaked ahead of the official release, and this is again the case for the latest chapter.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible My Hero Academia Chapter 367 spoilers in this article.

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As a quick refresher, the previous chapter saw the long-awaited return of Deku as he has not appeared in the manga for a number of chapters.

In the meantime, the Pro Heroes were stalling the All-For-One-controlled Shigaraki, but this resulted in the apparent death of Bakugo.

The chapter begins with a flashback of how Deku was able to make his way to the battlefield. Once he got there, he lands a strong kick on AFO-Shigaraki.

Shortly after, Deku faces the heroes and apologizes to everyone, but he soon spots Bakugo who is apparently dead with All Might’s card.

As you would expect, this sends Deku into a rage as this has happened before in previous arcs.

Deku has always cared for Bakugo, and in the recent arcs, Bakugo has finally shown that he does care for Deku as well. This makes the moment hit even harder, especially as Deku does not know the plan to revive Bakugo by Edgeshot yet.

While Deku being enraged might seem like bad news for AFO-Shigaraki, he reveals that this plays exactly to his plan.

But before Deku can pour his rage into attacking AFO-Shigaraki, Mirio comes out of the ground to tell Deku that everything is okay.

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Mirio explains that the heroes will be okay and that Edgeshot is replacing Bakugo’s heart and organs.

While AFO-Shigaraki brushes this off, Mirio continues to reaffirm Deku.

At the end of the chapter, Deku apologizes to Mirio and then turns to AFO-Shigaraki, asking “All for One, is Shigaraki still there?".

The final panel shows Deku with the other One For All users behind him. While he’s still enraged, it seems that he’s harnessing his anger and is not being consumed by it.

Given the chapter’s events, the next chapter will likely be the long-awaited fight between Deku and AFO-Shigaraki, and it’s likely going to be the series’ climactic battle.

Of course, you may want to take these My Hero Academia Chapter 367 spoilers and leaks with a grain of salt as these are not confirmed yet.

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