MTG November 2018 Ban & Restricted Announcement: Is Dig Through Time Unbanned?

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Wizards of the Coast

Today, Wizards of the Coast have made a ban & restricted announcement for Magic: The Gathering, so if you're expecting for Dig Through Time to unbanned, you're going to be disappointed because Wizards announced that there are no changes in any formats this time.

When fans discovered that Dig Through Time would be reprinted in Ultimate Masters, some speculated that the banned blue card would be unbanned in the next announcement. Jace, The Mindsculptor was unbanned before Masters 25 so it was easy to assume that but that's not happening for Dig Through Time.

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Dig Through Time was banned back in January 2015 in Modern and banned in Legacy and Vintage in September 2015. The card was deemed too efficient for blue decks to reload their hand for only two mana, and they killed the diversity in those formats so they had to ban it. Although part of me was hoping that it would be unbanned in Modern, I'm glad they didn't since the format looks pretty balanced right now.

Do you think that they should have banned or unbanned certain cards this time or do you think they made the right decision to make no changes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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