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Magic: The Gathering Player Disqualified From Grand Prix Warsaw 2018

Wizards of the Coast

Updated: Added Christian Seibold's statement from Reddit

Over the weekend, Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix Warsaw brought 1,836 players together for an epic tournament (Limited format) but one player was disqualified during the quarter-final match.

According to Wizards of the Coast, Christian Seibold was disqualified from the tournament during his match with Julien Berteaux.

"He was disqualified for misrepresenting the gamestate in a way that would get him an advantage," Head judge Jurgen Baert explained. "To be more exact my judgement is that he tried to gain more information from his opponent while deciding whether or not to counter a spell. Basically by first making his opponent believe that the spell was going to resolve, and when he had more information go back to consider his options"

As a result of Seibold's disqualification, Berteaux won the match 2-0.

Over on Reddit, Seibold recently explained how he got disqualified.

How I got DQed from GP Warsaw

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