MTG 2019 MagicFest/Grand Prix is Having A Black Friday Sale

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Wizards of the Coast

Black Friday is coming, and that means great deals, traffic jams, and crowded Wal-Marts, but you don't have to leave the house to get a special deal, especially if you're planning to attend a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix event (now-called Magicfest) next year.

Today, CFB Events has announced their Black Friday sale for next year's MagicFests. You can get a Golden Ticket for any Magicfest Grand Prix main event (any format) in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia from April 2019 to December 2019 for only $59.99. That's 30% off the regular price.

What's included with the $59.99 purchase:

Entry into the Main Event
Exclusive 2019 Grand Prix Foil Promo
ChannelFireball Deck Box
ChannelFireball Lifepad and Pen
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The cost of a Grand Prix event keeps rising. You have to pay extra just to get a Grand Prix playmat these days. If you're planning to attend a Grand Prix next year, this is a great opportunity to buy them for a cheaper price. It would help if we know the format for those Grand Prix events though. They still haven't announced it. The $60 deal has more value if the main event is Limited as it would include also the booster packs for your Sealed pool. If you're interested in getting this deal, check it out at CFB Events.

If you're not interested in attending Magicfest main events, CFB Events also offer discounted deals for Constructed Fanatic, Limited Fanatic, and Commander Fanatic packages, so you can get those.

Which Magicfest/s are you planning to attend next year? Do you think this is a great deal or do you think the prices are still too steep?

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