Ms. Marvel Cast Member Denies Support of Donald Trump Following Fan Backlash

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Excitement quickly turned to disappointment as Marvel fans have expressed their displeasure over Ms. Marvel's casting choices. It all began when the Twitter page @MsMarvelNews pointed out several issues surrounding some of the show's cast members. Allegedly, the stars of the upcoming Marvel spinoff show have either had "problematic" pasts or aren't exactly fit to play their respective roles. The controversy resulted in the hashtag #FixMsMarvel which calls for Marvel Studios to do something about the casting issues.

The Twitter page clarified that they're in no way associated with the upcoming show or Marvel Studios but that didn't stop them from "exposing" some of the show's cast members. For starters, they claim that Andrew Brodeur allegedly has multiple gender discrimination charges.

The page also criticized the casting of Yasmeen Fletcher in a Muslim role despite her being a "half-white Christian girl". Zenobia Shroff, who plays Kamala Khan's mother

However, the biggest victim of the allegations was Matt Lintz who is rumored to play Bruno Carelli in the series. Lintz is being attacked by fans on social media for allegedly being a Trump supporter. Something that the young actor has already denied. Explaining his side on his official Twitter account, Lintz said that he's "sick and tired of all the negative and degrading comments" about him. He would then claim that he is not in any way an avid supporter of Trump.

It isn't exactly a good sign when a show hasn't even debuted yet but it's already experiencing a ton of backlash on social media. But it's not like Marvel Studios will air an official statement regarding the allegations. Most probably, they'll just continue with the project and let the controversy subside. Just like that, cancel culture has struck once again.

Ms. Marvel is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

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