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MrBeast Had a $50,000 MTG Arena Giveaway, But No One Can Figure Out Who Won

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Last April, YouTuber MrBeast teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to promote the release of Strixhaven: School of Mages and to give Magic: The Gathering Arena players a chance to win one of the two $25,000 prizes of the MTG Arena's FNM at Home Featuring MrBeast event. All players had to do was play against MrBeast during this MTG Arena event, and they didn't even have to win the match, but of course, they had to be lucky to match-up randomly with MrBeast and play the entire the game to win $25,000.

A couple of months later, there's still no word on who won the giveaway contest, and there's no video of MrBeast playing an entire game with the winners. Last month, Redditor Naerlyn found out that anyone could ask for the list of winners of the MrBeast event, so they emailed Wizards of the Coast on May 25. Point 14 of the event's rules states that individuals can send a request before June 23 in order to get a copy of the winners list. However, no answer was given, and the only thing in their mailbox was confirmation that their ticket was sent and received. Another user also sent a request for the list of winners but didn't receive an answer.

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It's also strange that MrBeast, who's known for making videos giving away money, hasn't uploaded any videos of him playing full matches for this MTG Arena event. Will we ever find out who the two $25,000 winners are?

This reminds us of when Taco Bell had a contest for the striking Writers Guild, called Writers Strike Sauce Wisdom Contest, which took a year and a lawsuit before they can get a list of winners. You can read more about that here.

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