Mortal Kombat: What Joe Taslim Could Look Like as Sub-Zero

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Internet artist BossLogic has been making mock-ups of actors as Mortal Kombat characters even before MK11 came out, and now with the announcement that Joe Taslim (The Raid) will be playing Sub-Zero in the movie, BL has given us his take on what Taslim could look like as everyone's favorite ice ninja.

Check it out:

We don't know what the plot for this Mortal Kombat movie is yet, but with Taslim being cast first, I have a feeling that Sub-Zero is going to be the main protagonist. Then again, the main hero of this franchise has always been Liu Kang, but it's likely that the franchise might want to save him for the sequel and focus on a smaller roster of characters for now.

Hollywood has not had a good history of video game films, and there are several recent examples of this from Tomb Raider to Assassin's Creed. If a video game movie does end up succeeding, I think it's because they are more of a collection of homages rather than an outright adaptation. As of now, the only good video game film I can think of is Disney's Wreck-It Ralph.

We don't really know what to expect from this Mortal Kombat movie yet, but with James Wan onboard as producer, we should probably expect it to have a lot of gore. With Taslim also cast, I'm going to be expecting some serious kung-fu action in the movie.


No release date has been set for Mortal Kombat, but you can play Mortal Kombat 11 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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