Moon Knight Writer Reacts to MCU Show Ignoring Character's Jewish Roots

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There is little doubt that fans are expecting Moon Knight to stay faithful to the source material. However, it looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe series is making an interesting change: Marc Spector might not be Jewish in the Disney+ show. So what does Alan Zelenetz think about this change? The writer has addressed the idea that the MCU is ignoring the character's Jewish roots.

Alan Zelenetz should know a lot about Moon Knight. After all, he wrote several of the comic books and somehow established how the character was depicted in the comics. So it's no surprise that Zelenetz was asked how he felt about Moon Knight is not Jewish in the series and he has an interesting reaction.

"They’re certainly not bound by any origins," Zelenetz said of Marvel Studios. He then told The Forward that he isn't particularly bothered by the omission of Moon Knight's faith.

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"All of a sudden the Jews need to be represented. Moon Knight has to be Jewish — 'Oh, we’re watching Marvel! The boycott is around the corner.' I can smell blood in the water already! 'How could they not make him Jewish? Oscar Isaac is not Jewish, even though he has the name 'Isaac.' And they’ve got an Egyptian director — what’s going on here?'" Zelenetz continued.

He concluded by pointing out that it wasn't a huge problem for him.

"So he’s not Jewish and he won’t be Jewish," Zelenetz said. "And Arthur Harrow won’t be the character I created. So what? If he’s not Jewish because there’s a good artistic reason he’s not Jewish, that’s perfectly OK. I don’t care."

Zelenetz certainly has a laid-back approach to the changes. Still, the commission of Moon Knight's Jewish roots could cause an uproar when the series finally premieres next month.


Moon Knight will consist of six episodes and is scheduled for release on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

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