Moon Knight Releases Hilarious Clip of the Best of Steven

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Throughout the whole series of Moon Knight, Steven Grant has been one of the main reasons why the show felt lighter. More than a comedic relief, it is interesting how he grew from the first episode up to the last that he even had the chance to reconcile with Marc Spector. Finally, Marvel released a hilarious clip of his best lines together proving that he is the best.

Moon Knight Releases Hilarious Clip of the Best of Steven
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Releases Hilarious Clip of the Best of Steven

More than a week after Moon Knight aired its finale, everyone is still high up in the skies with the series being a really interesting take on the Egyptian myths and the psyche of the titular character who deals with dissociative identity disorder. Marc Spector made up Steven Grant to escape the painful past he had to experience.

Steven Grant may just be a way for Marc to come to terms with his traumatic story of losing his brother and having been blamed by his mother for it but Steven is actually the person Marc wanted to become: happy, carefree, and loved.

In a clip released by Marvel for Moon Knight, they released the best lines of Steven Grant in the movie showing how hilarious he is starting with his introduction as Steven with a V, then geeking out upon starting an adventure with Layla going to the tomb of Alexander the Great, and then dealing with his nosy workmate grilling him about a date he had at a steakhouse.

There is also the part where he questions Harrow for trusting Ammit’s judgment calling the goddess as a “weird crocodile lady,” falling and instead of saying he’s okay, he’d rather say he’s “aces,” calling a time-out in the middle of a fight, questioning his own driving without a license, wanting everyone to “chill the ef out,” and then screaming at Taweret.

Then, there is the maze and calling it “a-maze-ing,” the hilarious “we won” line after they got the ushabti of Ammit, and the clip ends with his classic line, “laters, gators.”

As Steven finally reconciles with Marc in the finale, he also gets freed from Khonshu, presumably, but not quite yet, considering Jake Lockley’s appearance but still, everyone can agree that the MCU needs Steven in it in the future.


Moon Knight is now streaming all six episodes on Disney Plus.

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