Moon Knight Directors Label Marvel Movies as Society's Modern Mythology

We are already aware that Marvel has always drawn from mythology for inspiration to its live-adaptation stories, for the upcoming Moon Knight, the directors view the movies and series as an analogy of the ancient stories in the modern-day culture.

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In Moon Knight's recent press conference, the creatives and stars sat down to discuss bringing the Marvel Comics character into live-action. Aside from Marc Spector's mental disassociative identity disorder, the series will also introduce Egyptian mythology from the Comics counterpart.

However, for director Justin Benson, the MCU serves as a new myth for modern society.

"In the roughly 50 years of comic books, this character is somewhat defined by being bold and being an outsider," Benson said. "And there was something attractive about telling a superhero story like that, but then also working with a bunch of people who were so clearly going to make it something personal to them and then finding what's personal in this at such a large scale... finding this deep humanity of humor and pain and everything else in what you might call the great mythology of our time."

Director Mohamed Diab agrees with Benson's comment, while Aaron Moorhead, added, "You kind of think, 'Oh, where are the new stories coming from?' And weirdly enough, I mean, our great, modern myths are Marvel movies right now," Moorhead said. "The Great American Myth right now comes from Marvel. And a lot of other places, but it is really cool to actually be a part of that... telling a story that's actually about these ancient myths and things that we all grew up on."

Benson and Moorhead both had a wonderful reputation in directing indie films, the two directors promised that Moon Knight will follow the same horror elements from their previous works. Moorhead also revealed that the similarities are what drew all of them to the Marvel show in the first place.

"Just the fact that that tonally somehow dovetails with all of our independent work is really, really cool," the director continued. "We probably would have said yes to anything. But it happened to be something that was just like what we do, you know? So very cool."

While it's not yet announced which episodes the three directors helmed, one recent report claims that Episode 4 of Moon Knight was directed by Moorhead and Benson, calling it "extremely exciting" while also teasing major consequences. It looks like Marvel is impressed with Benson and Moorhead's work, as the two are confirmed to direct Tom Hiddleston's Loki Season 2.

Moon Knight will premiere in Disney+ on March 30.

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