Moon Knight Director Thinks Marc Spector Could Stay in the MCU for a Decade

Moon Knight is officially set to join the MCU's expanding universe, the hype for Marc Spector keeps on getting bigger. Although a lot of confusing details about the series are going around, fans always wondered if the character will have a prominent role across the future of the MCU or will just remain as a side character.

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Now, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab shared his belief that Marc Spector will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Studios for at least the next decade.

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, Diab discussed Moon Knight's future in the MCU. "I can see [Moon Knight] in [the MCU] for the next 10 years, not just the next film," Diab said. "He’s a very interesting character. He’s probably the most interesting character for any actor to play. Oscar [Isaac] is doing a great job. People already like him even from the trailer. I think the show’s going to resonate with people, so I see him staying for a long time."

For at least a decade timeline for Moon Knight, we're sure that the character will have a relevant role across the MCU. Unfortunately, we don't have any details yet about the future of Moon Knight.

Despite the producer's recent statement which claims that Moon Knight will be an origin story for Marc Spector alone and other MCU characters won't be involved, recent reports claim that Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner will appear in the series. Also, in a recent interview, Moon Knight lead star Oscar Isaac adds fuel to the Hulk-Moon Knight rumors, "Who would [Moon Knight] get along with in the MCU out of everyone Maybe Hulk! Yeah, I could see it happen," which clearly solidifies Hulk's appearance in the upcoming Moon Knight.

While plans for Moon Knight are currently undisclosed, meeting a new MCU character will certainly be a breath of fresh air. With director Mohamed Diab's statement about Moon Knight's decade-long involvement in the MCU, we will certainly see more of the titular hero after its debut in the upcoming series, Moon Knight.

Moon Knight will premiere in Disney+ on March 30.

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